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Limitless networks

Welcome to Limitless Networks, a French based company founded by Denis Manteau.

Create your Portfolio with us, Anytime, Anywhere in the world.

For over 4 years, Photographer Denis Manteau has worked with celebrities, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and private everyday clients to capture images that are “not your average shot”.

It first started as a passion while today his team has expanded and grown internationally.

“We’re making things easy by combining our photography expertise with your vision of the perfect picture, and we always make it fun! Our goal is to bring the full service experience to your needs.”

Years Established

Completed Projects

Services we offer

From photography shootings, to videography, editing and retouching, all the way to digital consulting, the variety of services we offer are limitless.
Our cilents’ satisfaction is always the priority, we are keen to letting them have a free hand on the work in progress. Every revision is done frequently and with the clients’ best interest in heart. We are here to capture and create from your point of view.


The goal of “Limitless Networks” is to capture from every angle and make every shoot worthy. Just give us a location, and your company or business will blossom through our lens. According to our clients’ needs, we are willing to retouch and edit.

Videography/(Drone, Hand Stabilised Camera,Sliders)

With a qualified staff as part of a team and the newest camera technology, “Limitless Networks” is at your service. Whether if it’s a tv spot or social media publicity post, the professionals of our team will make sure to shoot accordingly. The group of well known editors are there to light the darkest shadow.

Digital Editing

Talking about editing, isn’t that the most important part of the project? Well, we give our 110% on editing, whether it’s a video or photography session.

Content Creation

Combining creativity with high digital skills, there is no limit to what you can do. Here at Limitless Networks, we take pride in our originality and speed of working. Your content will be ready for you so get ready to be mind blown away.

How can you start working with us?

Clients’ best interest is always in mind. With that thought, whether its a clash of ideas or bad timing collaboration, we have a 100% refund policy. Having said that, communication throughout the whole artistic process is key to better understanding and greater results. Once you’ve worked with us, you are considered family.
After you contact our support team, they will introduce your to one of our artists. That’s when the project takes flight.
The prices range according to the size and difficulty of the project.

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Latest Projects

Bella Vista & Spa

Full of colour and light, this hidden gem in the coast of Portugal just needed a little boost to glow even brighter. Our digital editing skills came to work, remaining true to the resorts’ services and ambience but with a touch of creativity and imagination.

Hotel Algar Seco

A place for family and friends, we gave Hotel Algar Seco our time and dedication and the results were uncanny.
Drones and high quality digitals cameras were used as well in the process of creating this business’ portfolio, with a full album of photos as well as videos to use as spots on different platforms.

Vila Vitorino

A relaxing and peaceful atmosphere  made our days shooting at Vila Vitorino a real blast. By implementing various combinations of methods and techniques, such as advanced blending of multiple exposures, partial flash exposure, color grading we created the set the client was looking for.

Villa Cascais

Through our high technology cameras and drones, we were able to capture the mesmerizing beauty of this hotel combined with the natures’ finest qualities. Our priority is highlighting your company’s/business best features. That is just one click away from the hand of the best photographers, with Limitless Networks.

Want to Make Things Like This?
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Tell your story we will create it for you!

  Experience the unknown

  Every shot has a story, and every story is meant to be captured with delicacy.           You lead the path to great content.

Art For Sale

Want to have a “Limitless Network” original design? What are you waiting for?! Contact us on the numbers down below.

Private & Group Events

Creativity and imagination can be cultivated by always looking deeply into yourself. But what about the technical process? We are here to help you. From beginners to advanced, we offer online classes to get you through your difficulties as a digital artist and manager.

We look forward to capturing many precious moments of your life!

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